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Trending Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach homeowners are no strangers to remodeling. In fact, many homeowners in the area have been updating their homes to match the modern trends. And one of the most popular rooms to update is the bathroom.

There are many ways to modernize your bathroom, but here are just a few things we’ve seen homeowners do with their Virginia Beach bathroom remodels recently to get you inspired:


You can start by updating your fixtures. This can include anything from your sink and toilet to your shower and tub. You can also add new features like heated floors or a rain showerhead. Trendy finishes like matte black and rose gold will add a modern touch to your existing features.

Installing a New Shower

A new shower or tub-to-shower conversion is a striking way to make your bathroom look more modern. We have plenty of colors, materials, and shower door style options for you to choose from – you can pick whatever matches your style!

Update the layout

You can also update your bathroom by changing the layout. This might involve moving your sink to a different location or adding a new door to create a more open feel.


And of course, you can always change the décor to match the latest trends. This can include anything from new towel racks, shower doors or curtains, painting the walls, or adding new tile.

No matter how you decide to update your bathroom, Bathrooms Direct of VA can help. We are a 5-star rated bathroom remodeler serving greater Hampton Roads. We are fully insured and offer free Virginia Beach bathroom remodel consultations for homeowners in Virginia Beach and beyond. So when you’re ready to modernize your bathroom, give us a call at 757-876-3467!

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